The way to win in the Gulf South is to have a firm that deeply understands talking to the people of the Gulf South.

In public relations, we all believe in relationships. We all believe in results. What makes TEG different is we choose to practice our craft in the Gulf South.

The Gulf South is distinct in the American fabric of communities. Our cuisine, music, celebrations and families are unique. We spend our free time in certain ways, whether its hunting and fishing, at the beach or eating and dancing at festivals. We possess certain expectations of our elected leaders. We are the economic gateway to the middle of the U.S.

To accomplish something in the Gulf South, you must know how the people here think and act. How do they spend their money? Why do they support certain things and not others?

We believe in action and acting wisely.

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In memory of our founder, Malcolm Ehrhardt.

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What Do I Do Next?

This is the question we hear most often. We answer that question with meaningful, structured solutions with a definable set of goals. Then we set out to exceed those goals. We draw from our learnings about the people and perceptions of the Gulf South and partner with you to develop clear, distinctive, and creative solutions.

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