What got you into this business?

When I was really little, I would always talk to strangers. Although it worried my parents, I’m a person that loves talking and is constantly curious about people and my surroundings. In high school, I was heavily involved in a youth development program called 4-H, where I led meetings and events focused on leadership, teamwork and communication. I never thought I would end up in public relations, but I knew I needed to find a way to use my passion for connecting people together in my career. Public relations was the best place for me.

Who has been a big influence in your career?

The largest influence on my career was Valerie Andrews, a former Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications Director and Loyola University New Orleans professor. She was and in many ways still is, my mentor and the reason why I decided to go into public relations. I was considering advertising but as she got to know me and saw my overly colored-coded planner, she told me that public relations was where I should actually be. I found out she was right!

If you weren’t in PR, what would you be doing?

I would have been a psychologist. I like helping others grow and find people and their life stories fascinating.

What talent do you wish you had?

I had a friend who could listen to any song and play it on his piano just from listening to it. He was so gifted in music and I unfortunately am not. I wish! I tried playing four instruments throughout my elementary and middle school years (clarinet, trumpet, flute and guitar) but I couldn’t pick any of them up. I’m much better at sports.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

While in 4-H, I raised five lambs and three turkeys. My last year of 4-H, I won a 4-H reserve champion lamb at the Santa Clara County Fair (thanks to the help of my younger brother, Connor).

Also, in the summer of 2017, I traveled with a class to Belize and we ate termites! When I travel, I like to be adventurous.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in San Jose, California near the small town of Campbell in a suburb. I don’t miss the suburbs, but I do miss the beaches and the ability to drive an hour to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Oakland or Palo Alto and experience completely different aspects of California.




Loyola University New Orleans

BA, Mass Communication with concentration in Public Relations

Sociology Minor