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Alabama by the numbers...

Current Levels of Concern

Only 17% of those surveyed in Alabama are still extremely concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic today and 38% think the situation is getting a little better.

More than 50% said they would go back to normal right now if they could. While almost 40% said their life has been impacted a fair amount by the pandemic, 1 in 4 said their life was impacted a great deal.

52% of people surveyed feel the health crisis will last for the rest of 2020 or longer and 30% still think the population should be on lockdown to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Travel and Leisure

86% are extremely unlikely to travel to Europe or Asia right now and 72% feel the same way about travel to a big city such as New York or L.A. A much larger percentage are willing to travel within driving distance however, with only 11% saying they were extremely unlikely to do this.

30% are currently unwilling to visit a state or national park.

33% are still extremely unlikely to take in an outdoor concert or event.

People are avoiding getting together socially

73% are avoiding crowed places and 53% have opted out of social gatherings.

68% have cut back on visits to bars and restaurants.

How are we spending our time?

66% are watching more television and 78% are streaming more networks.

83% are spending more time with family.

As for work...

60% said there has been no change to their work situation due to the pandemic.

Thoughts on the economy...

Alabama has the most positive economic outlook in the Gulf South, with 33% saying that the economy is good or very good today.

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Where are people out and about in Alabama?

In Mobile County, more people are traveling back to the workplace, with almost a 50% increase from July to the end of September. We see a slight decrease as of last week, but this could be attributed to Hurricane Sally affecting the area.

Baldwin County is holding steady slightly above pre-pandemic levels for people out shopping and for recreation.


The Gulf South Index is a cooperative project between The Ehrhardt Group, a public relations, marketing, content, issues and crisis firm, and Causeway Solutions, a nationally-recognized research and data analysis company, that are both based in the Gulf South. The Gulf South includes Louisiana, Mississippi, coastal Alabama and the Florida panhandle. As thought leaders in our industry on the forefront of data analysis, we collect and examine this information to better understand the media landscape, consumer behaviors and how business and organizations operate in our region.

Causeway Solutions and The Ehrhardt Group conducted a series of online surveys, each of 1,384 adults with a margin of error of 2.5%.  The most recent survey was conducted on September 6-9, 2020.