What got you into this business?

Both of my parents are very creative and solution-oriented (my dad is an artist and my mom can do or make just about anything), so I grew up with an appreciation for those skills.  I believe much of the marketing and advertising industry, particularly PR, is about finding creative ways to approach a business or brand challenge and delivering a solution.  The added element of this industry – finding ways for companies or brands to connect with people – really speaks to my academic interests.

Who has been your biggest influence in your career?

I was really fortunate to work with a lot of amazing women at my former job at SheKnows Media who advised, encouraged and inspired me every day. Sam Skey is one of those people. She is a total rock-star and I have such admiration for the incredible marketing and branding work she does. She taught me to think holistically about marketing programs and to integrate business objectives, creative ideas and purpose into building smart, mission-driven initiatives. Kate Durkin is also amazing and has been influential in my career. She taught me so much about working collaboratively, creating opportunities to learn from one another, and handling even the most stressful work moments with grace and seeming ease. She is a true problem solver, knows how to make things happen, and is an awesome person to work beside. I am grateful to have worked alongside and learn from these women and many others who have inspired me and influenced my career.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I love being by the water, so a good travel destination is anywhere near the ocean, a lake or even a river – ideally with the people I love.

What makes the Gulf Coast stand out to you?

When I think of the Gulf Coast, I immediately think of big genuine smiles, warm humid air, and a lifestyle that appreciates all of the senses.  It is a unique and gracious place that can make returning Gulf Coast natives and visitors feel at home.

What are some fun facts about you that people may not know?

I love to bake and I make really good cookie dough (by the time I get to the cookies I usually have a stomachache from the dough, so you’ll have to tell me if the cookies are any good) – and I love doing crossword puzzles with my father and my brother.

Hayley Crowell


Princeton University

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology