What got you into this business?

I’ve always loved to write (whether it’s short stories or news articles), and gave some serious thought to being a journalist when I was young. In junior high, I actually started a newspaper at my school and served as editor-in-chief for two years until I went to high school, where I also wrote for the school paper. While I didn’t pursue a career in journalism, working in PR has given me the opportunity to blend my love of writing with helping clients tell their stories.

If you were not in this field, what would you be doing?

For several years I worked full-time in Housing and Residential Life at Temple University where I managed an on-campus residence hall. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience doing that, and while my first professional love has always been PR, I could see myself working in Student Affairs/Residential Life if I wasn’t doing this. I got to work with some incredible student leaders and improve my skills in supervision, two things I wouldn’t trade for anything.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Despite being born and raised in a small town (or perhaps because of it), I love traveling to and being in big cities. A few of my favorite places to visit are Toronto, Montreal and London. While I enjoy sightseeing, there’s nothing quite as special as going somewhere and immersing yourself in the local scene (finding the cafes, shops and restaurants that are popular with the folks that live there).

What makes the Gulf South stand out for you?

The Gulf Coast, specifically here in Louisiana, is like no where else I’ve ever been. There are so many cultures and histories that meet and merge here, and that’s something you can’t find just anywhere. My family has called south Louisiana home for generations, and it’s part of who I am. We have a unique way of life here, and it’s something I want to help preserve for future generations.


Louisiana State University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

University of Louisiana at Monroe, Master of Arts, Communication