Assistant Account Executive

Who has been a big influence in your career?

I have had many mentors over my career, but three people stand out. Dr. Lance Porter and Sadie Wilks, APR were two LSU professors that constantly opened my eyes to the excitement of the communications world. They taught me that it is essential to ask questions and pitch unique ideas to clients to ensure we provide the best public relations services. My father has also been a significant influence on me, considering his 25+ years working in public affairs. I am grateful for our dinner conversations discussing our latest project and alternative ways to approach certain situations.

What is your method for coming up with ideas and solutions for your clients?

I try to explore my past case studies to reference which practices are most effective in solving a client’s problem. If I feel there is a better route that I have yet to discover, I consult with my incredible team at TEG. Everyone at the office is happy to help brainstorm ideas with me and offer alternative ways of thinking.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I was born and raised in New Orleans. The people and culture here are unlike anywhere else in the world. There is a plethora of unique experiences in NOLA, and I plan to continue to grow personally and professionally in this city.

Favorite travel destination?

Rome, Italy, is my favorite place to visit. I studied abroad there for a summer and visited once since. The Trevi Fountain at 3 a.m. and pasta from Hosteria Del Moro Da Tony makes Rome a place I hold close to my heart.


Louisiana State University at the Manship School of Mass Communication, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, concentration in Public Relations, minor in Business and Psychology

Louisiana State University Graduate School at the Manship School of Mass Communication, Master’s degree in Mass Communications,  concentration in Strategic Communications, Certificate in Strategic Communications