Senior Manager of Marketing & Operations

What was your “finest moment;” the thing you’re most proud of?

I’ve had numerous proud moments at The Ehrhardt Group so I’ll name some of my top experiences. Breaking the world record for the largest reading lesson with local children, securing the client’s placement to cook at the James Beard House in New York City, and pretty much any time the client says, “Great job!” is a proud feeling. Last but not least, WrestleMania XXX was, well – it was WRESTLEMANIA (’nuff’ said)!

What is a great client story that you’d care to share?

I worked with the Ringling Bros. circus to secretly transform a critically-ill child’s bedroom into a circus-theme. The transformation took about eight hours total and our whole staff and clients volunteered to make the room come together. While we worked, we arranged for the family to spend the day at the zoo, insectarium, Children’s Museum and more. Following a day’s worth of activities, the family was picked up in a limo with the several circus performers and taken back to the house where we were all waiting with the Ringmaster. Seeing the child’s face as he entered his brand new bedroom was a pretty proud feeling. I enjoyed being able to work side-by-side with my clients and colleagues to make such a special moment for the child and his family.

What is your method for coming up with ideas and solutions for clients?

Asking the right questions, listening to clients and identifying their needs is key. I also like to research my clients, other companies that are similar to them that are successful in their business and client competitors. Reading a magazine, newspaper or listening to a new radio show are also good ways to come up with ideas and solutions for our clients.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

NOLA, born and raised. Being from New Orleans, I feel like I’ve grown up in another country. Our culture, our resiliency, our spirit and our people are just different from anywhere else I’ve ever experienced. As journalist Chris Rose once said in a “Dear New Orleans” tribute for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, “New Orleans is today as it has always been, a place suspended between the physical world and the realm of the imagination. Experiencing everyday life here is magnified by emotional intensity and creative revelry.”

What do you do for fun outside of the office?

I enjoy working out, traveling, interior design and spending time with family and friends.


University of New Orleans
Bachelor of Science, Marketing