About Us

Our Purpose

Understand how the people of the Gulf South make decisions and take action.

Create, maintain, enhance & protect our clients’ reputation and points of view, as if they were ours.

Move people to act by crafting stories that compel, inspire and educate.

Connect with the people & communities most important to our clients, colleagues & fellow citizens.

We've Chosen to Stay and Build

In public relations, we all believe in relationships. We all believe in results. What makes TEG different is we choose to practice our craft in the Gulf South.

Meet the Team

We are “smart people who like each other,” as described by a dear friend – and former client and colleague. Our team is as distinctive as the brands we represent. We bring our talents and backgrounds together to stand apart. We are a very individual group. We are The Ehrhardt Group.

Let’s find a better way to where you want to be.