Grow Louisiana Coalition

In 2014, The Ehrhardt Group partnered with industry leaders to establish the Grow Louisiana Coalition (GLAC) to raise awareness and support for the state’s number one economic and coastal restoration partner – Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry.

Through strategic initiatives such as extensive parish and stakeholder outreach and education, media relations programs and targeted paid messaging, The Ehrhardt Group has established more than 110,000 GLAC supporters and helped the energy industry become a critical aspect of legislative and political decision-making, as well as cultural narratives.

Our team has worked to capitalize on national movements and localize them for Louisiana. A 2022 campaign touting Louisiana’s central role to America’s energy independence led to 14,500 letters being sent to national officials calling on them to restart offshore oil and gas leasing and protect our state’s coastal restoration efforts. 

In 2020 and 2021, we activated thousands of industry supporters across the state to stop legislation that could have crippled the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. Further, we localized our tactics in coastal parishes such as Lafourche and Vermillion to promote the jobs, tax revenue, and coastal programs citizens rely on and prevent misguided litigation from moving forward.

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