In 2014, The Ehrhardt Group partnered with industry leaders to establish the Grow Louisiana Coalition (GLAC) to raise awareness and adjust public perception surrounding the state’s number one economic and environmental partner – Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry.

Through strategies such as extensive parish and stakeholder outreach and education, media relations programs and targeted paid messaging, The Ehrhardt Group has helped the energy industry become a critical aspect of legislative and political decision-making, as well as cultural narratives.

Our team has secured more than 150 educational presentations about the importance of the oil and natural gas industry in the state to professional, retiree, community and student groups across 20 parishes in Louisiana.

In 2019, The Ehrhardt Group organized the Grow Louisiana Coalition’s fifth annual “Oil and Natural Gas Industry Day” and helped to secure more than 1,000 attendees. The event also featured guest speakers including the three gubernatorial candidates who publicly voiced their vision for the future of industry in Louisiana for the first time.

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