Ochsner Health: Navigating the Unexpected Through COVID-19, Hurricane Ida and Other Challenges

The Ehrhardt Group’s work with Louisiana’s leading healthcare provider and largest nonprofit employer Ochsner Health began in early 2021, as the health system navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and exponential increased demand from media. 

Since that time, The Ehrhardt Group and Ochsner Health have worked hand-in-hand to relay critical messages, develop innovative ways to address staff and community needs and elevate the system’s employees and initiatives aimed at vastly improving the health of our state.

  • COVID-19 pandemic: Through the pandemic, The Ehrhardt Group worked seamlessly with Ochsner to craft and relay crucial information to educate and protect the public. From helping the community understand the severity of COVID-19 through key messaging to facilitating compelling TV stories and live shots at vaccination sites and events, TEG has worked with Ochsner to ensure that the health system has communicated strategically every step of the way. 
  • Media Triage Through Hurricane Ida: Leading up to, and in the aftermath of, Hurricane Ida, The Ehrhardt Group became the gatekeeper for fielding national, regional and local requests, advising the Ochsner team on which opportunities to pursue and recommending strategies for maximizing the impact of media coverage to great success. 
  • Telling their story: From telling patient stories and highlighting heroic staff to communicating vital health information to the public, TEG has worked to identify opportunities that showcase Ochsner’s excellence in the healthcare field. Hundreds of millions of people have seen stories about Ochsner Health that TEG facilitated.

The Results

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