Since 2012, The Ehrhardt Group has worked on behalf of Walmart in promoting positive initiatives in Louisiana and Mississippi to increase public awareness of the benefits surrounding Walmart’s presence and services it provides for each community. As the largest U.S. retailer with more than 4,700 stores nationwide, we provide strategic guidance on media relations, community engagement and brand perception.

Our team primarily works to highlight Walmart’s leadership in retail innovation, social investment, and their support of entrepreneurs and small businesses through placement of local products in Walmart stores. Additionally, we showcase Walmart’s commitment to its associates through veteran hires, and continued education and training programs.

Our day-to-day work often involves aligning local and regional strategies with Walmart’s national communication goals by distributing news and securing placements in targeted local and regional media outlets.

In recent years, The Ehrhardt Group has worked with the Walmart’s corporate communications team to assist with crisis communication needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and relief efforts surrounding natural storm disasters in the Gulf South region.

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