Coalition Building

Listening to and shaping public opinion is essential to managing critical issues. We orchestrate strategies community by community that defines target audiences; raises awareness; informs and educates the public; and fosters behavior desirable to decision-making. Through these efforts, we have successfully built the breadth and depth of supporters and encouraged them to advocate and support issues that are important to them and their communities.

Public Affairs

As a group committed to our community, we counsel a number of key entities involved with local affairs. Whether it’s advocating for citizen concerns or informing the public about critical issues, we work for the collective benefit of our community. Through media relations, grassroots initiatives, alliance building, and awareness campaigns, we guide these clients through the important task of managing public affairs.

Issues Management

We help clients educate the public about their standards in providing products and services, economic opportunity and community commitment. Our experience includes oil and gas, chemical, shipping, forest and paper products, maritime, financial and real estate development industries.

Crisis Communication and Training Drills

No business is immune to crisis. Equally important, deep trust in a communications partner is essential to properly mitigating crises. For years, our trusted relationships with clients have distinctively positioned us to best manage a broad array of crisis situations, guiding clients through coordination, response and rehabilitation.

Preparation is key to seamlessly mitigating an issue. We don’t wait for a crisis to arrive to prepare our clients. Through a series of media drills and trainings, we provide preparation and peace of mind.

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