Katie Grace

Executive and Marketing Assistant

Who has been a big influence in your career?

Both of my parents have been big influences in my career. They are not only hard workers, but also instilled in me the importance of building community and being a supportive coworker. No matter the project or task at hand, they are always ready with a smile on their face and full commitment to their task and team. They lead by example and influence me daily to be the best I can be, both personally and professionally.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I was born and raised in New Orleans, and I’m beyond proud of my hometown. I love the culture, the people, the food, the music, the vibrancy, and everything in between. It’s a unique place to grow up, and when you leave you realize just how special it is. I still feel so lucky I get to be part of this crazy beautiful little world, and I’m always grateful to call it home.

What was college like for you?

I went to college in Chicago and loved my time there- being in such a big city is a great exercise in learning a lot about yourself. After spending my entire life in New Orleans, immersing myself in a completely different world was so exciting and rewarding. I made lifelong friends from all over and found a second home. Even though I don’t think I ever fully got used to the cold weather, I still loved every minute of it!

What do you do for fun outside of the office?

I’ve always been a big reader and an avid runner. I love the hunt for a good book and love discovering new music to enjoy while running or walking through the city. I also appreciate all the great food in NOLA so finding new restaurants, as well as frequenting my classic spots, is my favorite way to spend my time. I especially enjoy sharing those meals with my family and friends.

What about the Gulf South stands out to you the most?

The Gulf South has such a distinct culture and sense of community. Southern charm is real, and you can feel it when you’re down here. The Gulf South is historic, beautiful and always welcoming. It has also faced many tragedies – but the beauty of the people here is the way we not only celebrate each other’s triumphs but provide support in times of tragedy as well. The emphasis on caring for our neighbors is beautiful and unique to this area.


Loyola University Chicago, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, minor in Psychology