Account Supervisor of Marketing & Content

What got you into this business?

I decided in 7th grade that I wanted to be a news anchor and all throughout high school, I never wavered on that decision. I was always fascinated with the news, not necessarily the actual stories, but rather the people who were telling them. Once I was in college, I took a couple of public relations courses as part of my broadcast journalism curriculum and I was instantly intrigued. I thought for the first time, maybe I’d like to have a career in this field instead. It seemed like a natural fit with my journalism aspirations and I liked the idea of delving deeper into the story-cultivating process versus just reading the script. I’m also a natural communicator and problem-solver, so public relations checked all the boxes.

What was college like for you?

I thoroughly enjoyed being a student. My husband says I would go to school forever if I could. As an undergrad, I spent my days outside of the classroom as the news director and a deejay at the campus radio station or running around with a camera and tripod trying to tape packages for our weekly television broadcast.

In grad school, I was often deep in the library archives doing primary research for a paper or studying at The National World War II Museum for an exam. I was also a teaching assistant and led a discussion class twice a week, which was a rewarding experience.

If you weren’t in PR what would you be doing?

I would be researching and producing World War II documentaries for the History Channel.

What is your method for coming up with ideas and solutions for clients?

I like to meet with a client and learn as much as I can about their industry and how their business plays a role – both within their respective industry and the communities in which they do business. I listen to what they are saying and how they say it, but also what they are not saying, so I can develop ideas that are innovative, thoughtful and organized in getting the right message to the right audience.

What do you do for fun outside of the office?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, son and our dogs, traveling, cooking and volunteering with Animal Rescue New Orleans. I’ve been a lead volunteer with the organization since 2007 and I serve as their volunteer coordinator.


Nicholls State University
Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communication, Concentrations in Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism, Minor in History

University of New Orleans
Master of Arts, History