After more than a decade traveling the world eating local delicacies, Andrew Zimmern found himself at Galatoire’s Restaurant in New Orleans for his new Travel Show called The Zimmern List. The series is a love letter of sorts to Zimmern’s favorite dishes, the people who make them and the places where they are served.

In a statement about the new series, Zimmern explains: “The new series is about more than just delicious food on the plate. It’s all about the unique and special experience of the city, the restaurant or food stall where that dish is being served, and most importantly, the people.”

The news series includes 18 half-hour episodes, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to have Galatoire’s included and work alongside the network producers (and Zimmern himself!).

Onsite to coordinate filming, Zimmern spoke with long-time beloved waiter John Fontenot, President & CEO Melvin Rodrigue and many of our locals.

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