A zero-alcohol way to quench your thirst for a fresh start in the New Year

NEW ORLEANS – (Jan. 4, 2022) – It’s Sober January, and Mockly, New Orleans’ newest booze-free beverage, is back in stock at area stores and restaurants. Now locals who use the weeks between Christmas and Carnival to take a break from booze won’t have to miss out or mix their own mocktails.

Carefully crafted by leading New Orleans mixologist Jesse Carr, Mockly captures the excitement of a cocktail in a convenient can – just hold the booze. It’s all hangout, no hangover – perfect for the resting reveler who still craves the fun and flavor of a favorite cocktail.

Locally owned and operated, Mockly is a small startup poised to make a big, alcohol-free splash in 2022, and it’s not just about New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes you just need to hit pause.

“Whether you overdid it during the holidays or want give your system a break before Mardi Gras, we designed Mockly to be the alcohol alternative you’ll come back to again and again,” explains co-founder Aimée Sedky. “It’s about how the flavors come together to give the sober and sober-curious a new option that feels like an indulgence, not a sacrifice.”

Mockly is on a mission to liberate spirited drinkers from the limitations of more lackluster beverages without booze. From the mint-spiked blueberry of Baron von Blue to the peachy citrus effervescence of Eye Opener and the fruity rosemary-finished pomegranate of Love Bite — Mockly’s booze-free, low-carb beverages are delicious on their own, but they’re also excellent mixers when you’re ready to put alcohol back on the menu.


About Mockly: Founded by New Orleans native Aimée Sedky and her husband Tarik, Mockly launched in New Orleans in March 2021 and is distributed by Crescent Crown, the largest beverage distributor in Louisiana. Mockly can be found in leading grocery stores and markets, including Breaux Mart, Robert Fresh Market, and Canseco’s. Mockly will soon be available in Rouse’s, Total Wine and many more locations. Mockly is served at many of New Orleans’ best restaurants, like Shaya, NOLA Pizza Co., Justine and Le Petit Grocery, and at popular bars like D.B.A and Barrel Proof. Layering fun and flavor, the beverages pay homage to the cocktail arts while being distinctly spirit-free. Outfitted in eye-catching cans, each distinct Mockly flavor has personality, with a name that fits. Eye Opener is a ‘citrus-poppin’ slow-sipper, Love Bite is a ginger and pomegranate fusion, and Baron Von Blue is a bad, bougie, bittersweet blend of rose and blueberry. Visit Mockly’s website at for more information and a host of refreshing recipes that either ‘hold the booze’ or include ‘the hard stuff.’

[Photos provided by Keli Reule]

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