Did someone say Raspberry PIE? It’s not what you think. More like Raspberry PI! STEM NOLA camper Mason Mackie shows WVUE-TV’s Nancy Parker what he and other local kids can create by learning coding, programming and much more at the STEM NOLA Summer Camp, sponsored by Chevron.


“The important thing is making STEM concepts real-world and fun for kids so that they are going to be interested, engaged and excited about learning,” said Leah Brown, Chevron public affairs manager.

“[At the summer camp], there are kids from all different backgrounds, they are kids just like you. It might seem complicated [at first, but] the camp counselors are really down to earth and they make the most complicated projects very easy, simple and fun to learn,” said Mason Mackie, STEM NOLA camper.

Thanks to WVUE-TV for having Leah Brown of Chevron and Mason on-air to share this wonderful learning opportunity for children this summer.

Find out more information about Chevron’s technology summer camps by visting stemnola.com/camps.

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