Humans have shared stories since the beginning of time. The Ancient Egyptians would tie a message to the leg of a bird to deliver to their targeted audience.

This spirit of communication and interaction is at the heart of the new mark of The Ehrhardt Group.

Each day, the professionals of The Ehrhardt Group move people to act by crafting stories and messages that compel, inspire and educate. We deliver these messages to audiences across the Gulf South.

The TEG bird illustrates our belief in seeking the best path. We consider all of the possibilities and welcome new insights and ideas from every corner of our organization, profession and community.

The various shades of blue reflect the depth of knowledge we possess, combined with the understanding and trust that we work to build among audiences across the region. We embrace the color blue as it conveys stability and reliability for each other and our clients. We are a team of the calmest, clearest thinking people in any room in finding the right solution forward.

Our new look represents the best of who we are and the firm we work every day to become.

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